• Energy And Utilities

    Manufacturer's products for energy and utilities applications

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  • Oil and Gas

    Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industries

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  • Marine

    Marine Applications

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  • Chemical

    Measurement, Testing, Analysis Products for the Chemical Industry

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  • Automotive

    Vaughn Associates Has Solutions for Your Automotive Application

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  • Aerospace and Defense

    Vaughn Associates has the solutions for your Aeronautic and Defense needs.

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  • Industrial

    Ask Us for Solutions for Your Industrial Processing Needs

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  • Pulp and Paper

    The Pulp and Paper Industry is one of Vaughn Associate's Specialties

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  • Petrochemical

    Flow Meters and Control for Medical Equipment Manufacturer's

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  • Food Processing

    We Serve Food Processing Industry

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  • Universities and Research

    What are your research needs? Ask Vaughn Associates how we can fulfil them.

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Process, Control, Analyze, Test and Measure

Is What We Do…

Vaughn Associates Represents Manufacturers in the Southeast representing Quality Instrumentation Products for the Test,
Measurement, Control, and Process Industries from a wide range of industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Chemical, Medical, Robotics, Oil and Gas to Research and Development.

We offer a wide range of Solutions, both COTS and Custom products that can meet
your Requirements and Specifications.

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