Industrial Solutions


Vaughn Associates is the manufacturer’s representative for some of the most sought solutions for industrial processes. When you need the proper instrumentation, look to us; we’ll connect you with the best answer for your application needs.




Man-Machine interfaces, force sensors Bokam Engineering bokamlogo
Gas Monitors for Industry,  Leak Detection for Alternate Fuel Vehicles,  CHC Detection,  Hydrogen Sulfide Detection,  Carbon Monoxide Detection Delphian Corp. Delphian
Comprehensive source for combustion instrumentation and environmental monitoring equipment. DURAG Group Durag
Dynamic Environment Data Recorders / Shock, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity IST ISTlogo
Flow measurement and control for liquids and gases Porter Instruments porterlogo
Noise and Vibration Analysis and Measurement Prosig ProsigLogo
High Quality Transducers and Instrumentation Products RDP Electrosense RDPlogo
Torque, Multiple Axis, Load Cells, Instrumentation Sensor Data sensordatalogo
Manufacturer of High Performance Premium Pressure Transducers Spectre Corp Spectre Corp