Vaughn Representation


Vaughn Representation


Dedicated Representation

When you work with Vaughn Associates you get the dedication of our knowledgeable sales representatives who have first-hand experience in the engineering field.  When we find a fit for your products or services, we make sure our prospect understands it is the best solution for their needs.  You will be exclusively represented by us, and together we’ll deliver the quality and service customers expect.


Established Relationships

Each of our sales reps are assigned a specific and relatively small territory. That way, we really get to know the decision makers who are likely to need your products and we have already established those relationships.


Knowledgeable Representatives

Who better to represent your products and services  than someone with years of experience, training and knowledge.  All of our sales representatives have the background required to understand the applications to which your products are suited.


Internet Presence

Beyond simply bringing you leads through our established relationships, we broaden your exposure through our website.  In addition to having website pages that are targeted to the industries you serve through keyword rich content and search engine optimized pages, you’ll have a page on our site dedicated to your company!

If you are a Manufacturer and would like to have Vaughn Associates representation,
please leave your Company Name along with your contact information.
Our area of service is primarily in the Southeastern and Eastern United States.

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